European Seaweed Wrap

seaweedOur European Seaweed Wrap contains 5 different varieties of seaweed extracts of Laminaria , Fucus , Spirulina, Sea Rocket , and Sea Fennel harvested off the Brittany Coast.  It is blended with a French Green Sea Clay, Jojoba , Avocado, Peach, and Sunflower Oil.

Its intricate complex of ingredients works to promote detoxification, and tighten and moisturize your skin for better skin appearance and smoothness.

We will first dry brush the body to exfoliate and increase circulation for better uptake of these healing ingredients.body_wrap1

Next we apply the seaweed clay and wrap you in a warm blanket to allow the seaweed to be absorbed. After a shower, your treatment is completed with our cooling Teatrees Green Mint Lotion.

Allow 80 Min – $130

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