Health Benefits of Chocolate and Roses

roses and chocolateChocolate and Roses not only smell good and are appealing to many, but they also have a number of health benefits as well. The processing of the cocoa bean, as is done with milk or white chocolate, removes many of the beneficial ingredients and therefore dark chocolate is a better choice. The cocoa bean contains a group of antioxidants called flavenoids. Antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals which can cause damage that leads to heart disease and cancer. Dark chocolate has also been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) by up to 10 percent and can reduce blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. Chocolate contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. Chocolate also stimulates endorphin production, which creates feelings of happiness and pleasure.

Roses also have a number of health benefits. Roses can be used to alleviate anxiety, headache, asthma, depression, and stress. Although the majority of the benefits are achieved through the essential oils to obtain the chemical components of the rose plant, aesthetically, the rose brings pleasure in its beauty and scent.

So the next time you pick up some roses or chocolates at the store, remember to appreciate the many healthful reasons for eating, smelling, wearing and using products that contain these. And don’t forget to enjoy!

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