Infrared Sauna


Our  Infrared Sauna offers the benefits of heat therapy and the added benefits of Infrared Therapy. Unlike a traditional Sauna, infrared heat is direct, radiant heat that penetrates into the deeper tissue layers. As a result it can be very helpful to raise the body core temperature to burn calories, increase circulation, relax the muscles and tissues and reduce pain, open the pores and detoxify the body through sweating.

Relax in your own private room, with gentle music playing on the interior stereo system and color therapy lighting while receiving the infrared treatment.

Please allow one hour advance notice to heat up the sauna to the optimum temperature.

  • Single Sessions – $35
  • Add to one hour (or greater) Massage/Facial – $30
  • Add to a Couples Massage – $50/ couple
  • Purchase a Series of 5 Sessions for – $150


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