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Essential oils are more than just aromatherapy

Teatrees Tips

Essential oils are more than just aromatherapy. They have multiple medicinal purposes as well. To help you enjoy the summer’s activities, Teatrees would like to suggest some essential oil blends that may alleviate some of the minor annoyances that go along with those activities.
  • To avoid pesky little mosquitoes, mix 5 drops each of the following oils in a 10 ml dropper bottle: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Geranium and fill to rim of the bottle with equal parts water and olive oil. Shake well and drip several drops to hands then apply to any exposed areas. You may want to reapply as needed to keep a fresh scent to repel any persistent pests.
  • For a refreshing body spray to keep you cool in the heat of summer, add 1 oz each of water, rubbing alcohol, and witch hazel to a 4...
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