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Healthy Living for the New Year

healthy livingEvery New Year people make unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that often never happen, such as radical diets. We may stick to them for a few weeks, but often that’s as long as it lasts.

Rather than setting specific (and difficult) goals, we can choose some general intentions that are both enjoyable to attain and still allow us to live a healthier lifestyle. There are many options and choosing one or two might be more realistic. Getting together with several friends to work out or go walking is one option. Choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates and sweets might be more attainable than a strict diet.

Teatrees would like to offer another option that is both an enjoyable and healthy choice. Our VIP Membership program is available to everyone and allows you to receive...

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Teatrees VIP Membership Program

Announcing our new “Teatrees VIP Membership” Program

VIPYears of research and clinical studies prove that massage therapy can have a positive, lasting impact on your health and lifestyle when received on a continuous basis. It can rid your body of life’s every day stresses, reduce muscle pain, help alleviate discomfort from chronic ailments such as sciatica, headaches, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, and restore balance to your body and mind to maintain a life of wellness and good health.

While even a single massage session can have positive health benefits, massage therapy is cumulative. We have created an affordable and convenient membership plan, allowing access to the ongoing benefits of massage.

A Teatrees VIP membership includes an annual fee of $25 to become a member, and a massag...

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